Dedicate a Lantern
Buddha's Birthday May 4th
A Traditional Buddhist Temple
in Royal Oak
An active Sangha
An active Community
Roots In Korean Zen
Roots in American Culture

To dedicate a lantern for our Buddha’s birthday celebration please fill out the .pdf flyer available here and mail or deliver to Muddy Water Zen by May 4th

Muddy Water Zen was formed to disseminate and propagate the Dharma, the teachings of Shakymuni Buddha, as recorded in the ancient scriptures, as interpreted and transmitted by the Ancestors, and as experienced personally. Zen Buddhism, with its emphasis on meditation, is a way of cultivating compassion and wisdom through radical acceptance of what is. Meditation becomes an awareness and mindfulness of all that is, moment-to-moment and an appreciation of life in all its manifestations.

Although individuals are encouraged to become members and deepen their spiritual practice with others of this sangha under the direction of the Temple Priests, people of all faith traditions are invited to gather with us as we seek to foster greater communion and understanding among all beings. Retreats, workshops and classes will be offered as determined by need and interest.

We are located in Royal Oak, MI. Please contact us for information, or look through our calendar of events. Everyone is always welcome!


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What is the public service like?

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